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Quick Turnaround Job Shop Precision Services

Our experience and technical expertise allows us to provide value added solutions that gives our customers continuity in their workflow and allows them to meet their desired results. We've been around for over 30 years serving the automotive, textiles, material handling, and chemical industries, among others.

  • Repair and replacement parts for manufacturing machinery

  • Secondary machining operations

  • CNC Milling and Turning

  • Turning up to 32” x 264”

  • Roller build and re-build

  • Parts Assembly

  • Wooden shipping boxes and containers

  • Space to Warehouse customer finished products

"...fantastic work getting the first batch turned around. On the Tri mount – it looks beautiful – I wish I was the one that was going to use it. I know the team in Vamberk will love your work."


After more than 57 years, we aren't just winging it. Find out about our "Removing Anxiety Process."

The Southeast’s
leading quick
turnaround job
machining team
works for you.

Get a
partner who is
vested in your
uptime and product
delivery schedule.

You deserve a
high level of service where the lines of communication
are always open.

Partner with a winner!
It might be time
to sever ties with
your current
machining vendor.

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