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Santuc is the name of a region of Union County. It was formerly referred to as Sand Tuck because of the character of the soil, and Tuck, an English word meaning "nook" or "cove."  It later became Santuc, either for euphony's sake or through bad spelling. (Reference: Palmetto Place Names 1941). Another speculation is that it is said that a gentleman arrived in the area years ago and said "Lord the sand took over this place." 



The word "precision" refers to being marked by or adapted for accuracy and exactness. This is the legacy Santuc Precision is built upon. As a company driven toward excellence, we are continuously investing in people, technology, and processes. Our manufacturing partners depend on us to produce and deliver a superior product by deadline. As part of our continued commitment, we have implemented advanced workflow and quality assurance processes.

"Steven and your crew did an excellent job with the fabrication on this project. I look forward to working with you again in the near future and I also appreciate the craftsmanship that was displayed on the creation of this assembly."


The Southeast’s
leading quick
turnaround job
machining team
works for you.

Get a
partner who is
vested in your
uptime and product
delivery schedule.

You deserve a
high level of service where the lines of communication
are always open.

Partner with a winner!
It might be time
to sever ties with
your current
machining vendor.

After more than 57 years, we aren't just winging it. Find out about our "Removing Anxiety Process."

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