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Santuc Precision is excited to be part of the Inaugural Union STEM Club 2017

It is great to see middle school kids excited about learning. This group of twelve students gave up 3 weeks of their summer vacation to participate in the first Union STEM Club. SC Works, Union County School District, and Sims Middle School created this program in effort to steer more students to areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These disciplines are in high demand and low supply of workforce. Jobs within these areas offer tremendous opportunities, including high incomes.

Middle school is a crucial time for children to understand their strengths and interests. Finding what they like and what they are good at doing helps keep their attention and keeps them hungry to learn more.

We at Santuc Precision hope to see this program at least double in size in 2018. It is essential for our local workforce and to enhance the lives of these bright, young children.

Also, thank you to the teachers, administrators and others that made this STEM Club possible.


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